Hype World Magazine is the most highly anticipated magazine in the world, with over 50 volumes, all officially hosted by Major Artists, Unsigned Artists, DJs, Models, Celebrities and more. After starting in 2013 we have been blessed to be able to work with some of the biggest Hip-Hop and R&B celebrities & movie stars in the game, including: Dizzy Wright, Mally Mall, Jazz Lazer, Layzie Bone, Joe Budden, Red Cafe, Cassidy, G-Eazy, DJ Scratch, DJ Whoo Kid, Allen Iverson, Cashout, Roscoe Dash, Slim Thug, Draya Michelle, Karlos Farrar, Paul Wall, Maino, Lil Uzi Vert, Interstate Fatz, Jay Pharoah, Zoey Dollaz, JR Castro, Rich Homie Quan, Bun B, Yowda and more. We have also maintained a great relationship with all of the DJs putting in work in the game as we are an advocate for DJs worldwide and live and breathe the phrase, "Respect the DJs!” Throughout Hype World's history. Now the Hype World's DJ Coalition is over 5,000 DJs strong and growing every day with the hottest DJs from around the world.

Hype World has opened up opportunities for artists of every stature to participate in our magazines and promotion avenues. Artists can submit music or Mixtapes on our Submissions page for very affordable prices. Hype World is also the world's leading provider of Magazine Promotion & Mixtape Promotion, promoting hundreds of artists' mixtapes per year, garnering real results without the fake view and play scams.

We take pride in creating valuable working relationships with major artists and DJs and also opening those connections up to all the independent artists that we work with to provide effective promotion opportunities. Through all the overnight mixtape scams, fake views, digital blast frauds and other scam-like companies who are trying to rob money out of independent artist's pockets, we are here providing quality service and MAJOR opportunities for independent artists. We continue to live up to our high standards and deliver the same great promotion to all artists who use our services, without bias, allowing indies to put themselves in the same arena as the major artists and reach an audience that they would have never been able to reach before on their own.

Hype World continues to bring new opportunities to artists & DJs through the conversion of technology and music. It is our goal to keep music alive and profitable for all who choose this career by staying ahead of the curve and adapting to new technologies. We will continue to open doors for our clients and the artists who work with us in the mixtape world, magazines, hip-hop websites, digital blasts and all other promotion markets. Hype World Magazine represents a unique opportunity for artists of all urban genres from Major to Indie and we will continue to improve our services and reach every day. 

Giving Indie Artists MAJOR Opportunities" - Hype World Magazine

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