Tinashe: “Make Things Happen For Yourself”

December 11, 2014

As far as feminine R&B and pop idols go these days, power seems to equal hyper-precise choreography, extreme costuming. Tinashe, the 21-year-old R&B(-ish) singer-songwriter who’s blowing up the charts with singles like “2 On” and “Pretend” has a different vibe. She carries a sultry ease, warmth and style. She dances in Timberlands and cutoffs, somehow gorgeous in non-designer sweats. She boasts a voice that doesn’t need to hide its sweetness in order to seem fierce. -Yahoo

“I think it’s cool to show that you can be sexy without being obvious,” says Tinashe, “and there are different ways to go about doing that for sure.”

While Tinashe isn’t much of a girly-girl, “I definitely hang out with the guys,” she does love beauty—as long as it is low key. “I like to get my hair done and my nails done. I like things that smell nice and look pretty. I like shoes. But yeah, I’m not very high maintenance.” Plenty of people may say that, yet carry around a makeup kit the size of a construction worker’s lunchbox, but Tinashe really means it. “I try to have clean skin, really nice clean skin—I use X Out. I don’t wear that much makeup off stage, I like to give myself a break. So it’s just lip balm and sunscreen…. My biggest tip is to wash your face, don’t sleep in makeup, and wear sunscreen. That one is huge, for sure.” 

True beauty, she says, “translates with confidence. When you’re confident, that’s when you look your best and feel your best.” And what about those times we all have when things just don’t turn out how we want them to? “Remind yourself that every setback isn’t really a setback, it just means you have to take a different route. I never look at bad times as the end of anything.”

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